Eclectronica (Album)

by dream5talker

Eng translation by one listener: “Everything is sound. One can use sound to get to previously undiscovered corners of the Universe, where time flows differently and mysteries unfold… You’re presented a recording that will allow you to take a number of wonderful journeys, flight to remote stars and listen to unknown yet easy to understand dialects as well as take part in mystic rituals with ancient shamans. Or may be you will take a walk on a deserted beach, feeling sea breeze on your skin and discover the secret of life?.. In any case – everything you will be feeling would be your personal and unique experience. Just let it happen with you. Before you take off on your far away journey through space and time, make sure that you have quality acoustics tuned to your comfortable level of sound, 60 Earth minutes and, of course, an intent to take an amazing trip.. Get comfortable, relax, close your eyes and let your ears see and feel. Free your emotions and senses. Just listen...”
Mercury 05:45
Dialekt 07:14
Ritual 06:32
Deeping 08:04
Kair 07:50


Take an exciting sonic-dive with Eclectronica Album from Dreamstalker. Seven different stories will bring you to previously unknown places filled with synthetic & organic sounds created and collected specifically for your trip. Feel the fresh sensation and gain valuable experience on this fascinating journey into mysterious realms.


released March 8, 2012

Inspired by Nature
Produced by Dreamstalker
Mastered by Tim Schuldt @ 4CN Studios




dream5talker Moscow, Russia

dream5talker ✨ all-kinda psy music channeller and your trip-guider
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